Information Technology


Cloud computing refers to means of storing and accessing data and program over the internet instead of your computer hard drive.

1. Cost efficient-help reduce cost associated with fee licensing of the program.
2. Almost unlimited storage- no need to worry how to increase your storage capacity.
3. Automation software integration-this aspect usually take care of it self.
4. Quick deployment- your system can be up in minute.
5. Easy access of information- once you register yourself in the cloud, you can access your information anywhere anytime.
1. Technical issues-cloud is prone to outage and you also need a very good internet connection.
2. Cloud security-you need to choose the best cloud service provider since you are giving all the sensitive information to a third party.
3. Prone to attack-cloud increase your chance of being hacked since nothing is completely secure over the internet.

Example’s of cloud Computing Vendors

Google Apps
IBM Cloud computing
Oracle Corporation
Microsoft Azure

Cloud Computing
Cloud Power Business Growth
Cloud Computing Means

Information Technology Basic
Definition of information technology
It is the application of computers and telecommunication equipment to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data in various field.

Example Industries Associated With Information Technology
1. Computer hardware
2. Software
3. Internet
4. Electronics
5. Computer services

Phase Of Information Technology Development
1. Pre-mechanic (3000bc-1450ad)
2. Mechanic (1450-1840)
3. Electronic (1940-present)

Application of Information Technology
Application of information technology can be found in every day aspects of today’s world. Common uses include:
1. Information system
2. Space Exploration
3 Assistive device for disabled
4. Computer games.
5. Entertainment.

Advantages of Information Technology
1. Globalization
2. Communication is more efficient
3. Cost effective due to computerization of business.
4. More time since business operate 24hrs a day
5. Creation of new jobs

Disadvantages of Information technology
1. Privacy of people as at risk due to signal interception
2. Unemployment
3. Lack of job security since technology change everyday
4. Dominant culture over the internet

Example Of Giant Company’s In Information Technology
All of this company are worth billions of dollars.
1. Apple Inc
2. Samsung electronics
3. Foxconn electronics
4. Hp
5. IBM
6. Hitachi
7. Microsft
9. Sony
10. Panasonic
11. Google


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