Six Sigma

Six sigma refers to a disciplined, data driven approach & methodology for eliminating defects from manufacturing to transaction and from product to services.

Inventors of six sigma

Six sigma was developed by Motorola in 1986 coinciding with Japanese assets price bubble which is reflected in its terminology.

Fundamentals objective of six sigma

  • Implementation of a measurement based strategy that focuses on the process of improvement and variation reduction through application of six sigma improvement projects.
  • Six sigma is core Principle of total quality management

Six sigma sub Methodology

  • Define, measure, analyze, improve, control (DMAIC)
  • Define, measure, analyze, design, verify (DMADV)

Importance of six sigma

  • Reduce cost
  • Reduce pollution
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase profits
  • Reduce process cycle time

Organization that provides six sigma certification

  • International six sigma institute
  • American society for Quality
  • Institute of industrial engineers
  • Chatered quality institute

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Six Sigma

How to register A company In Kenya

What is a company

It is an association where two or more person’s come together for a common business goal.

Types Of Companies

4.Sole traders
5.Limited Liability Company

How to register a company in Kenya

There are five legally recognized business entities in Kenya Namely:

a) Registered private and public company.
b) Branch offices of companies registered outside Kenya.
c) Partnership.
d) Sole Proprietorships.
e) Co-operatives.

How to register a Private Company and all you need:

1. Company name
2. Registration form.
3. Correct fess for stamp duty and professional legal services.
4. Address where your company will be registered.
5. A simple business plan.

Lastly you need a business documentation that you need to prepare to support your registration and that is:Company Memorandum and articles of association. The final step will be to purchase a company seal which is required to open a business bank account and also act as the company signature

Business Strategy

Business strategy_ This is a high Level Plan to achieve a desired goal under condition of uncertainty.

Major Concern Of Business Strategy

1. Raising Finance to build a new plant.

2. What product to allocate major resources..

3. Scope Of Business activities.

Main Categories of Business Strategy

1.Generic strategy
2.Competitive Strategy

Four Types Business Strategy

1. Growth
2. Product Difference
3. Price Skimming
4. Acquisition


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