Bachelor Of Business Information Technology

This is the course that i joined to do in Mount Kenya Universityfrom September 2010 to December 2013, in the School of Pure and Applied Science. The following are the units that are done within the BBIT course from first year to fourth.

First year, Semister I & II

1. Communication Skill
2. Foundation Of Mathematics
3. Business Studies
4. Fundamentals of Accounting
5. Basic Electricity and Optics
6. Computer Application
7. Computer Architecture
8. Digital Electrics and Logic
9. Fundamentals of Internet
10. Development Studies
11. Principles of Management
12. Business Law
13. Fundamentals of Accounting II

Second year, Semister I & II

1. Principle of Marketing
2. Cost Accounting
3. Organization Behavior
4. System Analysis and Design
5. Accounting Information
6. Database System
7. Introduction To Web Design and Development
8. Principle of E-commerce
9. Financial management I
10. Managerial Accounting I
11. Business Statistic I
12. Principle of Risk Management and Insurance
13. Programming Methodology
14. Data Structure and Algorithms
15. Data Communication and Networks

Third year, Semister I & II

1. Entrepreneurship
2. Human Resource Management
3. Business Statistics II
4. Software Engineering
5. Network Management
6. Object Oriented Analysis and Design
7. Event Driven Programming
8. Principle Of Taxation
9. Operation Research
10. Object Oriented Programming
11. Artificial Intelligence
12. Business System Simulation and Modelling
13. Management Information System
14. ICT Project Management
15. Fundamental Of Compiler Construction

Fourth year, Semister I & II

1. Computer Graphics
2. Human Computer Interaction
3. Security and Cryptography
4. Business Data mining and Warehousing
5. Principles of Auditing
6. Total Quality Management of Business Information System
7. Distributed Multimedia System
8. Mobile Computing

9. ICT in Business and Society
10. Strategic Management
11. Knowledge Based System
12. Project
13. Internship


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