Author: Henry Mbugua Kiarie

The Heart Of Champion

When I was growing up in remote part of Nakuru, Kenya. I could ray out in grass, watch the star at night, play football with my buddies and go hunting for rabbits in the forest, that was a good life. In African culture, every boy must have his fare share of hunting rabbits. Besides, it’s our way of life, but now since I have been little bit older, different subject.

Me and my younger sister are luck to have been brought up by parents who instilled good values in us when we were growing up. Some of the values included respect to everyone regardless of their age, being able to recognized the fact that we should never judge people by where they come from but by the content of their character, putting God first in everything that we do and lastly but not least. If you can help someone in need, my parents used to tell us that, the essence of our lives is to help each and we should always help whenever we can.

Over the years I have realized that core existence of our lives is to live a life full of positive impact to our societies. Each one us, has his or her abilities and when a chance opens up. Always make sure that you make a difference in someone’s life.

I have learnt that, people around us are always watching and listening. What you say could change someone’s life, to me, The Heart of champion is the heart that make people smile, give them hope that there is better tomorrow and most importantly, the heart of champion makes people feel good about who they are.

If you are reading this, you could be the heart of champion to someone’s. Sometimes all you have to do is smile back. People are always remember how you make them feel, make sure you make someone feel good about themselves.

Our lives are our message to the world, make sure you have good message. Be Heart of Champion to someone today.

Has The Death of PHP programing Language been Cemented in 21st Century? We Don’t Think So.

As a young programmer, one of the best quality to become an elite programmer is to be a good problem solver. But sometime this can be overwhelming, there are many programming language out there, from Java, Python, Ruby, PHP,to mention but a few. All of this programing languages have their merits and demerits.

One of the question I have been asking myself, or better yet. One of the burning question that people ask is whether PHP will be in use in next few years. Some people say that PHP is slower, others say that it is not scalable, while other say that the end of PHP is near.

Is the end of PHP as programing language really near? Well this can be very difficult question to answer, first of all, PHP has been around from early 1990s and as a server side scripting language, PHP has proved to be one of the best language. Secondly, according to W3techs PHP powers 82.4% of the website in the world today.

From where I stand, PHP is not going anywhere anytime soon. Especially with the release of PHP 7 which has a new engine under the code name PHP next generation is even fast and remarkably optimized memory usage.

Lastly, are you web developer or proud owner of a website? Does you site run on PHP enabled Content Management System such as Magento, Joomla, WordPress or Drupal. Then I have good news for you, PHP is not going anywhere and this can be demonstrated by the fact that major brand like: Facebook, Twitter and wikipedia Use php.

In conclusion, every time you are doing a project. Determine what problems you are trying to solve and choose the right language to use. As they say, Age is wisdom, PHP is a mature Language.

I thought the hacker was in trouble.

(Reuters) – High school student David Dworken spent 10 to 15 hours between classes on his laptop, hacking U.S. Defense Department websites. Instead of getting into trouble, the 18-year-old who graduated this week was one of two people praised by Secretary of Defense Ash Carter at the Pentagon on Friday for finding vulnerabilities before U.S.…

via Defense Secretary Carter thanks teen for hacking the Pentagon — VentureBeat

Using Twitter BootStrap In Eclipse

This tutorial will assume that you have already installed Eclipse and its up and running. That said and done, lets get started shall we!

Step 1

We have to download twitter boot strap from BootStrap download . Boot strap is a front-end framework for faster and easier web development. It comprises of HTML, CSS and JS. It is made for folks of all skill levels, devices of all shapes and project of all sizes.

Step 2

Once you have downloaded the boot strap, fire up your eclipse and create a dynamic web project. This is how to do it, Assuming that you eclipse is in Java EE perspective, click on File – new – Dynamic web project. In the project name enter Boot Strap Form Example and click finish. Your project structure should look like this: Structure

Step 3

So far so good, now it is time to import our downloaded boostrap. In project structure right click on Web Content folder – click on import – select Archive file – click next – add select our twitter boot strap – click finish. Now your project structure should look like this:Structure1

Step 4

It is time to do some coding. Here is where the fun begins: Right click on web content folder – select New – and Select HTML file. Name the file index.html, usually index.html act as a landing page unless otherwise specified and click finish.

Step 5

Replace the content of the index.html with the following code



Step 6

It is time to run our program, Right click – on index.html – select Run as – Run on server.

Here is our form


If need the source code of this project visit my git hub profile Henry Mbugua Kiarie and download zipped folder

The Legacy: When Someone You Know Becomes Someone You Knew

The greatest legacy one can pass on to one’s children and grandchildren is not money or other material things accumulated in one’s life, but rather a legacy of character and faith. ~ Billy Graham

Life is gift from God, living is a blessing but death is inevitable for all of us. The way I see it, there comes a time in one’s life to ask some hard question.Especially when one loses people so close to them. Question like, Am I a good brother or sister? Am I a good son or daughter? What have I done to make the world a better place than I found it? What will I be remembered for? What will be my legacy?

I have always be inspired by people who have left legacy that will go beyond more than one generation. People like the lateNelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Pro. Wangari Maathai to mention but a few. It is breathtaking that these ordinary people lived extra-ordinary life, full of sacrifices to ensure that life will be better for the next generation. I will always cerebrate individuals who created a remarkable legacy.

I have often pondered over some of the question above. Am I a good brother? Am I a good friend? Am I good son? Will I be a good husband? Will I be a good father? In life, maybe it is the little things that matter most. Things like family, friends and community. I have discovered that people will forget what you did for them, people will forget what you said but people will never forget how you made them feel.

I pray to God everyday, to give me many years to live but when it finally comes my and I get to the other side of life, I will find myself a bench if they got any. I would like to see the legacy I created change life in a positive way. Things like:

  • I was a good son to my mum.
  • I was good brother to my sister.
  • I was a good husband and a good father.
  • I played a role in development of one or two less privileged people.

Our world is vast in every way, we don’t know what tomorrows brings but having hope is paramount. The bad news is, the world is full of bad people and the good news is, the world is full of good people. People must learn to hate and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught how to love. Loves comes more natural to the human heart than its opposite.

Personally, I will try to create a legacy that is full of goodness. The one that give hope to the hopeless. The one that will inspire people around me. The one that my children will be proud off. I have discovered that the best legacy I can create is not to my children but in my children.

What will be your legacy?

I See A Ray of Hope

When I was about seven or eight years old, I could lay out on the grass, skid on the mad, play different games with my friends but the one I love most was “Cha Baba na Mama” meaning father and mother. What happened was that a boy and girl would play the roles of father and mother respectively. The reason I loved this game was because I got to choose the girl I liked.

We used to live in place where there was a small stream and some of my beautiful memories goes back in those good old days, when I used to walk with my late father along the stream. I used to call him “Dad” and I would here another voice repeat what I just said. It was confusing to me but not to my father. One day I asked him who was repeating my words and he said, “Son, that is an echo.”

Life can be boring at times, but if you have a partner who is vivacious, energetic, adventurous and full of life, they can help turn dull moments into lively ones. For me, my father was that kind of partner. That was a good life but now since I am a little bit older, different subject. It is in human nature to improve our lives in a positive way. To have things like successful careers, a good family to mention but a few.

Over the past few years, I have learnt that I still have a lot to learn. But just like when I was kid calling out my dad name, today is no different. In life, what you give is what the world will echo back to you. For example:

  • If you give love to the world, the world will echo back to you, the love you give in unexpected ways.
  • If you give hope to the people around you, hope will come back to you when you least expect it.
  • If you give a helping hand to the poor, someone will give you a helping hand when you hit rock bottom.

In life, there will always be ups and downs but I am more hopeful that better days are yet to come. What gives me hope is my mum, sister and my friends. What gives me hope is the fact that Hailey, a young girl in 2012 at only age six, she started to grow food for the homeless in her community. What gives me hope is the fact that education to girls is becoming more important and this promote gender equality. What gives me hope is the fact that life we will be better for all of us if we only work hard, because the universe throws opportunities every second and in all direction, including yours.

What gives me hope is the fact that, there is access to education to the poor thanks to donors. I am grateful to the people of who have invested in me. At the end of the day, they are people of good will who always try to make life better for others. Now that gives me hope.

From the depth of my being, I have discovered that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel. Be a giver of hope, just like my childhood echo memories, echo success, echo prosperity and most importantly, make the world a better place to live in, wherever you are.

We have not taken the final step of our journey, but the first step on longer and difficult road to success. We will make mistake along the way but I couldn’t be more hopeful. The future is bright, doors of opportunities will open and life will be better.

I believe in a hope that a new hope is dawning. I believe that my dreams will come true. I believe in the promise of brighter tomorrows. I see a ray of hope.