Smart City: The Role of Big Data in Managing Chaotic Forces of Growth in Modern Cities, Especially Road Traffic

Cities have always been the beating heart of the world economy, the global culture pulse. Today, the speed and scale of expansion in cities is astonishing and that present a choice, mega cities turmoil or consciously inviting urban environment. A smart city.

Nairobi is one of those city poised to move in a smart direction. With standard gauge railway service breathing life into the city and drawing more people to the city, Nairobi is becoming a booming metropolis. It’s attempting to manage chaotic forces of growth, to evolve from industrial town to a leading high tech hub in East Africa and this can only be achieved through conscious urban planning.

Nairobi is a city challenged by rapid expansion, a city striving for success in a crowded 21st century. Welcome to the capital city of Kenya. Home to one of the busiest airport in East Africa Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, connecting Nairobi to the world. With over 3 million people, traffic has become a nightmare.

Nairobi is one of the fastest growing cities. Today, technology plays a crucial role in urban transformation and a critical factor is the development of tech savvy talent. With one of the highest concentration of technology companies, Nairobi is proving to be a magnet to new talent. But, the elephant in the room is, How do we solve the traffic problem?

As fields like medicine continue to improve leading to increase in population, Nairobi officials need to invest in data collection and analysis. State of the art traffic control centers need to be created, the only way Nairobi is going to get rid of traffic jams is to invest in understanding of traffic big data. This will enable better prediction of real-time traffic and route guidance for motorist. The benefits could be invaluable. Ranging from reduction in traffic emission and reduction in fuel cost.

Nairobi is a diverse city, it’s a city where people have fun together, no matter what creed, color or background. Simply put, it’s a city where culture collide and its a wonderful thing. To become a smart city, urban planning must be at the core of driving our economy. Big data will be the raw material and it’s analysis will solve traffic problem in Nairobi. Will Nairobi city be a smart city of the future?


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