Google: A global Vacuum Cleaner of Digital Data

Google search engine is a technological phenomena which was born in hotbed of technological innovation in the computer sciences department at Stanford University. In just over eighteen years, Google has become one of the Silicon Valley biggest and the most unconventional player.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google in 1998, the primary mission of Google was to organize all the world information and make it universally accessible and useful. They estimated that it will take 300 years before they accomplish that goal. I think successful company start with very audacious goal and there is no question that today, Google organizes the world information and making it useful.

Google may have started of as super search engine, but today with application like Gmail, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Youtube and more, it has become an INTERNET power house. This technological Tsunami is supported by employees around the world and in the process, Google has become a global vacuum cleaner of digital data. Google deals with billions of searches a day and those searches leaves a digital footprint of every person visiting the site.

Google homepage is clean and efficient, free of annoying banners and pop ups. Google uses a mathematical algorithms that looks for links to and from a given site, more links, the higher the rank. Based on the search, Google provides Ads for people to click, from on-line advertising. Google has transformed itself into ads money making machine.

Google likes to move quickly, especially when cutting edge technology is involved. It’s no surprise that Google filed a patent for wave-powered floating data center but what does it take to become part of Google development team. Well, it is rumored that one has to pass series of grueling test and interviews. I hope one day to become a Googler.

However, with great power comes great responsibility and we can only trust that Google will keep our information safe from hackers and government. Trust that Google is not misusing our information and trust that Google is living up to its promise: Don’t Be Evil!


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