The Heart Of Champion

When I was growing up in remote part of Nakuru, Kenya. I could ray out in grass, watch the star at night, play football with my buddies and go hunting for rabbits in the forest, that was a good life. In African culture, every boy must have his fare share of hunting rabbits. Besides, it’s our way of life, but now since I have been little bit older, different subject.

Me and my younger sister are luck to have been brought up by parents who instilled good values in us when we were growing up. Some of the values included respect to everyone regardless of their age, being able to recognized the fact that we should never judge people by where they come from but by the content of their character, putting God first in everything that we do and lastly but not least. If you can help someone in need, my parents used to tell us that, the essence of our lives is to help each and we should always help whenever we can.

Over the years I have realized that core existence of our lives is to live a life full of positive impact to our societies. Each one us, has his or her abilities and when a chance opens up. Always make sure that you make a difference in someone’s life.

I have learnt that, people around us are always watching and listening. What you say could change someone’s life, to me, The Heart of champion is the heart that make people smile, give them hope that there is better tomorrow and most importantly, the heart of champion makes people feel good about who they are.

If you are reading this, you could be the heart of champion to someone’s. Sometimes all you have to do is smile back. People are always remember how you make them feel, make sure you make someone feel good about themselves.

Our lives are our message to the world, make sure you have good message. Be Heart of Champion to someone today.


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