Has The Death of PHP programing Language been Cemented in 21st Century? We Don’t Think So.

As a young programmer, one of the best quality to become an elite programmer is to be a good problem solver. But sometime this can be overwhelming, there are many programming language out there, from Java, Python, Ruby, PHP,to mention but a few. All of this programing languages have their merits and demerits.

One of the question I have been asking myself, or better yet. One of the burning question that people ask is whether PHP will be in use in next few years. Some people say that PHP is slower, others say that it is not scalable, while other say that the end of PHP is near.

Is the end of PHP as programing language really near? Well this can be very difficult question to answer, first of all, PHP has been around from early 1990s and as a server side scripting language, PHP has proved to be one of the best language. Secondly, according to W3techs PHP powers 82.4% of the website in the world today.

From where I stand, PHP is not going anywhere anytime soon. Especially with the release of PHP 7 which has a new engine under the code name PHP next generation is even fast and remarkably optimized memory usage.

Lastly, are you web developer or proud owner of a website? Does you site run on PHP enabled Content Management System such as Magento, Joomla, WordPress or Drupal. Then I have good news for you, PHP is not going anywhere and this can be demonstrated by the fact that major brand like: Facebook, Twitter and wikipedia Use php.

In conclusion, every time you are doing a project. Determine what problems you are trying to solve and choose the right language to use. As they say, Age is wisdom, PHP is a mature Language.


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