Technology Will Be The Equalizer

It is only when we develop others that we permanently succeed. ~ Samuel Firestone

In present time, things are changing quickly and fast thanks to the technology age that we are living in. We have experienced fast hand what is like not knowing or better yet, what lack of knowledge can do to a person and society at large. But there comes a day when we realized that turning the page is the best feeling in the world, because we realized that there is so much more to the book than the page we are stuck on. May be it is time we turn the page for our country! What if we can apply technology to impact life positively in Northern part of our nation.

I strongly believe that we can change the dynamics of many part of northern part of Kenya especially in Turkana region. I propose that KNEC in conjunction with ministry of education to develop a pilot programme to be tested in Turkana region by offering ICT facilities to the community. Here is my school of thought on the issues:

  • KNEC should develop computers labs in Turkana area.
  • The constructed computer labs should have internet access.
  • Since security is an issue in this areas, the labs should be aligned with Tullow oil companies facilities. This will give proper security, attract education investors and other stake holders.
  • I know the project will cost money and we can achieve this through constituency development fund (CDF).
  • This project will give hope to many children in that region such that in the end, we make a world a better place to live for the next generation.

Kenya claim to be a Technology hub leader in East African, we must live up to that claim. I know this project is not a piece of cake, but the pilot project can be our first step in our journey to prosper as a nation in Technology. It will be a longer and difficult road. We will make mistake along the way but I have discovered that the best view comes after the hardest climb.


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