Coding our Hello world using Google Web Toolkit

Lesson 3

In this tutorial we are going to edit the following file:

  • HellowGWT.gwt.xml
  • HellowGWT.css
  • HellowGWT.html

How to locate the above files in your project. The image below will show you how to do it.


Step 1- Modify Module Descriptor: HelloGWT.gwt.xml

GWT plugin will create a default module descriptor file src/com.henrymbuguakiarie/HelloGWT.gwt.xml which is given below. For this example we are going to modifying it to look this way.


Step 2- Modify Style Sheet: HelloGWT.css


Step 3 – Modify Host File: HelloGWT.html


Step 4- Modify Entry Point:


Step 5- Compile Application

Once you are ready with all the changes done, its time to compile the project. Use the
option Google Icon box: > GWT Compile Project… to launch GWT Compile dialogue


Keep default values intact and click Compile button. If everything goes fine, you will see
following output in Eclipse console


Step 6- Run the application

Now click on application. Run application menu and select HelloGWT application to run the application. If everything is fine, you must see GWT Development Mode active in Eclipse containing a URL as shown below. Double click the URL to open the GWT application.


Because you are running your application in development mode, so you will need to install
GWT plugin for your browser. Simply follow the on screen instructions to install the plugin. If
you already have GWT plugin set for your browser, then you should be able to see the
following output:


Congratulations! you have implemented your first application using Google Web Toolkit
(GWT). There are a lot of resources over the internet to help you advance your skill. I wish you a happy coding.


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