Creating First Application Using Google Web toolkit in Eclipse

Lesson 2

The first step is to create a simple web application project using eclipse IDE. The purpose of this application is to get your development set up and to go one complete edit-compile debug iteration that results in running code. Accomplishing this means that you have solved most of the problem that are unique to a new development environment or programming language. You can then focus on your programming tasks and incrementally learn new features of the tool as you need them. So lets get started shall we!

In our previous lesson We learnt how to set up development environment. Today we create our first web application. Launch project eclipse and launch project wizard using the option Google Icon > New web application project…

Now name your project HelloGWT using the wizard as follows:


Unselect Use Google App Engine because we’re not using it in this project and leave
other default values (keep Generate Sample project code option checked) as such and
click Finish Button. Once your project is created successfully, you will have following
content in your Project Explorer:


Once you are ready , its time to compile the project. Use the option Google Icon > GWT Compile Project… to launch GWT Compile dialogue
box as shown below:


Keep default values intact and click Compile button. If everything goes fine, you will see
following output in Eclipse console.


If everything is fine, you must see GWT Development Mode active in Eclipse containing a
URL as shown below. Double click the URL to open the GWT application.


Because you are running your application in development mode, so you will need to install
GWT plugin for your browser. Simply follow the onscreen instructions to install the plugin. If
you already have GWT plugin set for your browser, then you should be able to see the
following output:


Try to put your name and press enter. See what will happen.

Congratulations! you have implemented your first application using Google Web Toolkit
(GWT). I will see you in Lesson 3 where will do actual programming.


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