Silicon Valley: The Kenyan Version

It is a home of the world’s largest high tech corporation, as well as thousands startup companies. It is a leading hub for high tech innovators and development, accounting for one third of all the venture capital investment in United state.

Generous funding from an assured markets with defense department, the development of an efficient network of venture capitals firms and in the very early stage, the institutional leadership of Stanford University.

Some of the notable company that have their headquarter in silicon valley includes but not limited to:

  1. Adobe systems
  2. Apple Inc.
  3. Oracle
  4. Yahoo
  5. Intel

We as Kenyan, we need to take a moment of introspection and reflection. Over the past few weeks, ministry of devolution has confirmed heart breaking facts, facing more than 1.6 million Kenyans who lack food. Upclose to the situation in Baringo, Turkana and other areas one can see the poverty and unhappiness in which too many people live in. Dispatching relief food is not a permanent solution, we need to find permanent or long term solution.

In a country that is well governed, poverty of the magnitude we have in Kenya is something to be ashamed of and I am a strong believer that a nation should not be judged by how it treats high ranking profile citizens but how it treats the low profile ones.

Konza city might be our largest cybercity under the implementation. We need to use technology to our advantage and play our role to the best of our ability to reduce poverty among our people, and most especially, to give a chance to the children who have a slim chance to succeed.

Global warming is a world class problem that require joint effort but to our level, we need to find long term solution to eradicate food problem in dry areas in our nation. I strongly believe that leading university in Kenya should play a major role in advising, investing in our local project and the government should fund projects that show the ability to tackle some of this problems.

The convergence on one site of new technological knowledge, a large pool of skilled engineers and scientist from local major university should come together and take on this challenge of hunger head on. Like silicon valley, we can create our own solution locally, for each nation face problems peculiar to themselves and we understand ours better. I like to see the coming of dawn, the change between night and day, which is always majestic. We can see the change between poverty and lack of poverty. By use of technology, we can fight poverty to some extent. We can leave Kenya a better place than we found it.

As much as it is a business venture. It is a moral jigsaw puzzle. Can we win?


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