STEM; The Fuel That Drive World Class Economy

The World Bank launched an initiative to assist fight poverty in Kenya.
With slogan #endpovertyinkenya which is the platform for any Kenyan blogger who is passionate about development
should submit his or her blog. I believe that STEM will be the foundation of Kenyan economy, a long term solution to
fight poverty. Just exactly what is STEM?

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
STEM education is vital to our future, the future of our country and the future of our children.
Let’s consider how STEM will effect what is closest and dearest to us; our children.
STEM is their future, the technology age in which they live, their best career options and their key to wise decisions.

In today’s world, technology means computer and smartphones, but it goes back to television, cookers, stereo and even the first wheel.
Engineering designs airports, jets, roads and bridges, but it also tackles today’s challenges of transportation, environment-friend machines and system.
We encounter mathematics at bank, tax form and even family budget. Every STEM field depends on mathematics.
STEM is very important; it pervades every aspect of our lives.

Kenya Nation Examinations Council should form a committee on STEM promotion to make sure that as we embarked on Kenya vision 2030 goals, we will be able to tackle lack of home grown qualified candidates for high-tech jobs.
Maintaining a citizenry that is well versed in STEM fields is the key to ensure that our economy prosper.
Country’s like Finland has over 30% of their university graduate coming from science, mathematics, computer science and engineering.
What percentage does Kenya have in this regards?

As a jump start, Kenyan should run a pilot program to promote STEM. My recommendation would be,

  1. Inspire professor in STEM fields to involve their students in outreach activities that support STEM education.
  2. Form an award or fellowship or scholarship to sponsor student who pursue STEM field course.
  3. Broaden the study of STEM within each of the other subjects, even in elementary school.
    This will bring STEM education to all students rather only the gifted pupils.

Last night I was watching BBC where the International Monetary Fund Managing Director, Christine Lagarde warned against African nations issuing billions of dollars in sovereign bonds that they could overload their economies with too much debt and derail the best economic period for the region in a generation. I believe Kenya is one of those nations and STEM is the answer if Kenya is to successfully compete in 21st century.
STEM careers are truly helping professionals that build communities and transform nations.
These professions are in charge of solving most complex problems in today’s world and its future.
They work to find solutions for global warming, cancer, third world hunger, disappearing habitat and interdependent world economy.

There is yet another reason why STEM should be priority to Kenya.
Every election will depend on choosing leaders who know how to base decision on sound economy and evaluate statistics.
So many government ministries depend on both scientific and economy knowledge.

Last but not least, STEM is the platform for economist to work with researchers on technical transfer and
engineers build the state of the art equipment for business working with cutting edge technologies.
STEM careers are both challenging and fun, people in them enjoy going to work every day. STEM careers will be the fuel for Kenyan economy.


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