Education: A Tickect Out Of Poverty

The challenges that I faced as a child of poverty are no different than the challenges that 43.4% low income children in Kenya are facing today. When I stepped foot onto Mount Kenya University as an official student. I wanted more than anything to show my younger sister and my mum what could be done; where perseverance could take you. I realized the core principle: Higher education was indeed a ticket out of poverty.

My dream and hope is by the year 2018 to set up a foundation that will assist children from less privilege family to acquire education. Studies have shown that Africa is the waking giant as economy power house in the 21st century.

The late global icon Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. I believe this quote with every fiber of my being. Education is one of the most important means of empowering people with Knowledge, skill and self confidence necessary to participate fully in the development process of our country.

I have been doing some research and if you want to advance your career. Here are some of the best organization which are promoting opportunities for all, through online education. Visit this websites


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