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Without big data analytic, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like a deer on freeway.

  • The first step of creating a measurement plan should be:
    1. Defining your overall business objectives.
  • Your key performance indicators (KPIs) are not automatically tracked as a goal in Google analytic. You must set up your goals once you identify the KPIs you want to track.
  • In Google analytic, “Attribution” commonly refers to assigning which market channels get credit for conversions.
  • Google analytic metric:
    1. Average time on page
    2. Goal conversion rate
  • Google analytic dimension:
    1. Medium
    2. Event category
    3. Ad content
  • By default, Google analytic user session ends once the user is inactive for 30 minutes or more.
  • You can permanently exclude website traffic from your internal employees in Google analytic report by creating a filter in the admin setting and apply to your report view.
  • The standard Google analytic campaign variables:
    1. Utm_source
    2. Utm_term
    3. Utm_content
  • Event tracking code help to track interacting that happen within a page of your website e.g. downloading a PDf.
  • Reason for implementing e-Commerce tracking in addition to goals is:
    1. To see which campaign lead to the sale of particular products.
    2. To track revenue generated by the website.
  • Site search report allows you to identify the terms visitors use to conduct searches within your site.

Monitor, engage and be transparent; those have always been the keys to success in the digital space.

Analytics Academy Answers – Google Analytic


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