Generation Y: Are We Doomed or Not?

I belong to a generation which has fundamentally failed. People call us, Generation We, Global generation, Net generation or Generation Next. I believe it is about damn time that our generation take a look at it self. We have an obligation as a group of this generation, to leave the world a healthier, cleaner and a better place for our children and future generation.

Where I come from, life is terrible. Some of my friends who we went to school with have long been lost. Some are drinkers of chang’aa, some dropped out of school, some have children who they are not able to support, some are drug abuser and most of them have lost hope in life. Few of them, despite hardship have managed to hang on. They have fought a good fight to where they are. Of these few, they have joined university and colleges. I believe in the choice we make, good or bad but may be, no one was there to teach us how to make better choices.

Old folks call us, the whine-y generation. They believe that the topics which interest us are sex, media, globalization, pop culture and the less said, the better. Nobody expect anything from us but we can prove them wrong, by taking responsibility of our lives. The future is in our hands.

To us there has come a time, in the midst of swift happenings to pause for a moment and take a stock. We did not choose to be brought up, the way our parent did. None of us can go back and make a brand new start, but anyone can start now and make a brand new ending.

Who is to blame for generation y problem, parent, society or both?


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