Childhood memories

I believe that every childhood is like an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air is softer and the morning more fragrant than ever again. I remember those moment when my father could read stories for me at night, playing out in the grass and watching the sky at night. I used to dance with my friends in church and those were beautiful moment that brightens my day. I like visiting my childhood memories once in while. May be you should try, it’s awesome. Sweet childish days.


April 2000, my father passed on. At the time i did not understand many thing but one thing for sure, i knew my father went to heaven and he will be watching over me. As time goes by, i have realize may be our dead are not dead to us, until we have forgotten about the. The life of the dead is placed in the memory of things. My father lives in my memory.

Hard choices

The place i knew as our home wasn’t my home anymore. Even before my father was buried, our house was broken into and some valuable stolen by people i knew as family. My young innocent mother hard to make hard choice and i believe it was the right decision. We had to leave that place and to date, the place where my father was buried has since been sold without my consent, that hurt but i have learn the art of forgiving and letting people face their own karma. On my side, i have three powerful resources available to me; love, prayers and forgiveness.

God’s favor

Coming together as a family was the beginning of the process that my mum provided for me and my sister towards success. Despite the hardship we faced, my mum never give up and God has always seen us through. Mum was not educated and my father was the sole bread winner but as i write this, mum managed to show me that the way out of poverty is education. Today i am a graduate with Bsc degree with honors and i tell you God is there. Graduation is a milestone and to me that is a miracle. My sister is alson doing well, she is pursuing her diploma. I believe God is not yet done with me and my best days are yet to come. Miracle happens every day, today might be your day. Hold on God is there.

My life is a miracle.

author: Henry Mbugua Kiarie


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