Hope and despair is part and parcel of each one of us. Sometimes things comes when we least expect them to happen. As I am writing this on a beautiful Sunday morning on, 13th April, 2014. Am watching crossover on ntv Kenya. Some gospel artist in studio expressing their love to the late mega superstar gospel artist in Kenyan industry.

Am writing this with much respect and honor to the person who in my understanding was a game changer in gospel industry in Kenya. From the gospel artist themselves, late kaberere was honest, charming and charismatic. He reached to every artist and helped them in his unique way. He was a mentor to upcoming artist.

Tears are rolling down my cheeks as am watching Mr. vee pay his special tribute to Kaberere with an awesome song written straight from the heart. Losing someone is not an easy thing but somehow God sends his holy spirit to lead us through those difficult moment in life. I believe what is accepted on earth is also accepted in heaven. Kaberere was a blessing to people like me and you.

If God has given you opportunity to live, glorify Him, live well and see positive strength of every person. Kaberere fought a good fight to the end and I celebrate him as a fan of his touching songs.

I can sum up the life of legendary Kaberere in three words: LOVE, HUMILITY and GENEROSITY to everyone.  PASS IT ON, the worlds needs it.

Author: Henry Mbugua Kiarie


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